Thursday, July 24, 2014

VidCon 2014

This year my friend and I went to VidCon!!!! If you don't know what Vidcon is it is a three day convention for anytthing online video related, you are able to be with yor favorite creators for a weekend and hear about their new projects. I had been wanting to attend this convention for almost two years and finally this year I was able to go. Because this was my first Vidcon I can't compare it but for me it was amazing, it obviously had its pros and cons

I truly can say that the worst thing of Vidcon were the lines, they were incredibbly long, confusing and everywhere. Supposedly the lines started an hour before a meet and greet but the fisrt day i don't even know at what time the line started but it was all confusing and lots of people including me weren't able to meet their favorite creator. The next days were a little bit better but still there was a bad organization and the people from security didn't know anything. At the end we dicided that making lines wasn't worth it and just did one line the last day to meet Dan and Phil it was 10 hours long but they were so cute that I can't regret doing it.

Another thing that made Vidcon a little less fun was the screaming fangirls. Thanks to all these people the most famous creators wouldn't go out because if they did then they would certainly get attacked by crazy screaming girls. I don't have anything against this girls, I mean I also get excited and scream and jump but I believe that if we don't scream on the face of someone then everyone could have a photo and it can even be posible to get the chance of chatting.

Now for the good things (which were a lot), I really enjoy the panels, the live interviews, the expo hall, the mainstage performances and of course meeting some of my favorite youtubers.

I just want to say that Jack and Finn are even more atractive in person, but putting that aside I was fortunate enough to be at two of their panels and they said really interesting things that could help me. Someone else that I'm also glad that I got to see was Jonh Green, he had great points of view, overall everyone that participated on a panel was a mazing and I loved them.

The first time I entered the expo hall I was impresed, there were amazing booths and lots of things to do. There also was the Hollywire RedCarpet with the live interviews, I loved those because thanks to that I was able to see lots of youtubers that I hadn't got the chance to see. The mainstage performances were awseome, there wasn't any single one that I didn't liked. Finally the thing the I loved the most was walking outside of the convention center because there was were i got to meet lots of creators.

My friend and I stayed at the Sheraton hotel basically because the Marriot and the Hilton weren't available, but at the end it turned up to be a good choice. We didn't spend too much time at our room but in general everything was good, the best thing came up the last day. The Maker Studios party took place at the Sheraton hotel, at first I wasn't sure what was happening but once i realized, I was so excited. Thanks to the party I was able to meet Troye Sivan and Connor Franta, this make me so happy because by that time I thought I wouldn't be able to meet Troye.

At the end it was one of the best experiences of my life, I got to meet lots of new people and discover awesome creators that I didn't knew about. There were good and bad things but those good things were bigger than the bad ones and make the whole experience amazing. I definitely want to go back next year and who knows maybe do it an every year tradition. : D

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