Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater - Review
The Raven Boys is about a lot of things. But basically is about a girl named Blue who would cause her true love's death after kissing him. On St. Mark's Eve she sees the spirit of a boy named Gansey and that is how she comes to meet the raven boys and gets involved in the search for the lost king Glendower. It is a thrilling story with a lot of mystery, magic and a little bit of love.
This book surprised me, it was completely different form what I was expecting. I thought that The Raven boys was a love story and that's it. Instead I got into a paranormal world with people looking for magic. There is kind of a love story involve but I think that is not the main point of the plot.
I loved reading this book because I didn't know what it was about, so everything was new and unexpected. The story is well written and the characters well developed. The story was settled and there was something about each character that I loved. Every character had their own personality and a reason to be there. the whole story is written in such descriptive way that you can't help but get lost in the quest to find Glendower.
I fell in love with Gansey's personality. I loved how there were different sides to him. He was a complex character and I feel like we don't get to see a character like Gansey so often. He could have anything he wanted on the world just by a click of his finger and still he likes to work for what he wants. I also loved that he wanted to be more that what people assumed he was. Since he was a raven boy people assumed he was rich and condescending and even though he was rich and sometimes condescending he tried hard not to, for people not to get insulted. For me he was a character that cares about people and tried his best to make everyone happy.
I'm excited to see what the next book has to offer I hope it is fun and full of magic. Now my expectations are high but I still expect to get surprised. This was one those boos that I just couldn't put down and that gave me goosebumps almost every time. If you like paranormal, magic and death in a book then you should go an read this book and if you have read it let me know what you think, and if the second book is just as good. Just no spoilers please!

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