Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Program by Suzanne Young - Review

Sloane knows better than anyone that she must hide her feelings if she doesn’t want to get into The Program. In a society where suicide is an epidemic you can’t trust anyone with your feelings not even your parents. That is why Sloane can be herself only with James, but as the epidemic starts to grow they start to become weaker, more worried of getting into The Program and loose all of their memories.
I remember that the first time I saw this book I thought it was perfect for my sister but one day out of impulse I bought it and thank God I did. When I started this book I didn’t have an idea of what it was about. That really helped me to get a little bit more into the book. In some ways it can be really realistic and it got me thinking on what would happen if something like this happened in the real world.
Sloane is a character that develops pretty well before, during, and after The Program; you get to see how she hates the program, how she starts to like the program without even noticing, and how she starts to hate it again. I loved the book as a whole. There really wasn’t any part that I would like to take out or something that I thought was missing.

 I would recommend this book to anyone that likes dystopian books or to someone that wants to fall in love with some new amazing characters. What would you do if you were living on an epidemic like this? Do you think you would enter The Program or rebel against it?

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